In March 2021, 5280 will publish its second annual list of the top producing residential real estate agents in the Denver metro area (based on 2019 sales volumes).

You have likely landed on this webpage because 5280 began reaching out via email to brokerages in the seven-county metro area on June 15, 2020, to disseminate its Top Real Estate Producers survey. If your company has not received an email and you have reached this page through our social media campaign, please reach out to deputy editor Lindsey King at to get on our list for future years. Either way, the survey you seek is at the bottom of this page! Please complete your survey by Friday, August 14, 2020.. (Or if you’d prefer to simply email an Excel file with your firm’s nominations, please look at the categories below to inform the category in which to submit your agents and then email your document to Please include the submitter’s name, title, and phone number in the email.)

Please note: All agent nominations must be submitted by a superior, such as a marketing manager, office manager, brokerage executive, CFO, or CEO. (If you are the senior agent or business owner, you may submit yourself.) Those filling out the survey should take care to give us informed, accurate information about sales volumes, however, 5280 will be fact checking all submissions. Agents must currently be selling homes in the seven-county metro area to qualify. For teams of more than 15 agents, please select the names of the 15 agents most responsible for achieving the sales milestone. Agents cannot be nominated as individuals and also as part of a team; a team nomination will supersede an individual nomination. All agents must be licensed and in good standing with Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies.
Team SizeBlack DiamondDouble Black Diamond
Individual agents$10 - $19 million$20 million or more
Teams of two agents$15 - $29 million$30 million or more
Teams of 3-5 agents$20 - $39 million$40 million or more
Teams of 6 or more agents
(limit of 15 agents)
$25 - $49 million$50 million or more
 Total based on 2019 sales volume
A team name is required if the team size is 2 or more.
Refer to the categories chart for sales volume numbers.
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